My name is Matt Mumby. I am here to guide you to a life that doesn't suck.

Follow me. Let's have fun. Let's make this planet get angry, then get afraid, then submit. Let's make it abandon its cowardice and shame. Let's make it crumble before the truth. Let's make it right. We can do it. We can. I will take it there, I will take us there, I will take myself there.

Just do what I say - I will create your welfare, and I will create others' welfares through you. I will help, but you must follow along.

Follow. Follow even if it hurts. Follow even if it takes you where you don't want to go, where others say you shouldn't go, where you fear the ground is unsteady and the obstacles many - go right there. Go right away. Go now. Yesterday. Last week. Go there; there is no alternative. There is no other way. Go.


You may think, "But Matt, what if we misunderstand your instructions and get ourselves into trouble?"

You may think that if you wish, but I tell you to follow me the best you can anyway.

I am a light in the darkness leading you into day. Just follow my light. You will get there. Just follow. It is not important if you by mistake go the wrong way; if you choose to follow what you understand my instructions to be you are using your judgement to try to follow the best guide you can. You are doing well, even if you screw up. Just follow. It will be okay.

You may think, "What if you are malicious and will simply guide us into greater darkness?"

Think that if you wish; I am not and will not, but form your own judgement about that.

You may wish to say to me, "I'm scared, Matt."

If you do, don't be afraid. It will be okay. It will be okay.

You may wish to say to me, "Now what should we do, Matt?"

My response is the following:

1. Disobey fear.

2. Disregard influence from unreliable sources.

3. Kill the view that maintaining the way things are is holy.

4. Annihilate the conceit that pleasure in the present is more important than order.

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